3 Things to Consider for Business Setup in Dubai

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Dubai is one of the best places in the world to setup a lucrative business. This is simply because this city welcomes overseas investments greatly and their restrictions usually are the most liberal in the world. Here we enlighten you on the important things to know before carrying out business setupin Dubai.

  •          Extensive knowledge of the area: As a sole proprietor or business franchise, it is essential to have extensive knowledge regarding the region. Research the concerned business sector, status of locally operating markets and overall scope of establishing the business of your choice in the area. Search for investment opportunities from your resources or a bank.

  •          Engage a local partner: Dubai laws require foreign businesses to liaise with local partner who holds 51% company shares. This local partner need not contribute financially to the start-up's investment, but they do have a say in the dealings of the company.

  •          Approval from Ministry of Commerce: After your business has been registered, you will need to formally get approved from the Ministry of Commerce by showing that you possess the required sum of money for making investments. The actual amount may vary between states, but it usually is around $10,000. This sum is considered as the guarantee against various liabilities.

It is essential to take into account the aforementioned points while considering business formation in Dubai. If you wish to hold 100% company ownership, you should start the business in UAE free zones. However, keep in mind that rental prices in free zones are higher than those in the city.


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