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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Accounting is the service of accountability. Dealing with numbers, down to their most basic details, require utmost attention to perfection. The calculations have to be perfect. A small anomaly in decimals will show up a major issue when the full equation is done. Then, there are different protocols of calculating. An accounting service must have full knowledge in the latest global standards.

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By standard systems

The International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) has set the International Standards on Auditing or ISA as recognized practice. The ISQC-1 or the International Standards on Quality Control is yet another accepted top end protocol for recognized auditing. Several accounting firms in Dubai are available in full assistance with company formation in UAE. Make sure that the services are in compliance with the requisites of fairness and transparent perfection down to the smallest details.

Numbers should match

Both internal and external audits should be accomplished in coordination. The figures should match. Accounting is diverse. Different parameters include tax accounting, GAAP & IFRS conversions, fraud investigations, business valuations, pay roll systematization, ESOP audits, and pensions. Although diverse, yet the different aspects should comply under same auditing methodology. Using the ISQC-1 on salary and pension and the ISA on tax accounting will inevitably lead to anomalies.

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The professional auditors in Dubai would look into the mathematics of your enterprise to deliver customized analytical perspectives. Analytical projections are vital to develop effective and balanced business strategies over the long term. Setting up a base in Dubai or Sharjah would imperatively require the assistance of a service based in UAE. Company formation in UAE can actually ensure you reap in maximum prosperity, up to the full potential the gulf can offer.

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