Doing Business in Dubai after Trademark Registration

Friday, 15 May 2015

Dubai prospered exclusively in business to grow rapidly into a thriving metropolis from a desert town. It is a new city, founded only in 1961! Although the prosperity commenced with oil, yet these days Dubai is a major business center will all kinds of goods and services.

Business benefits

Doing business in Dubai poses as a lucrative chance for businesses around the world for various reasons. The Gulf Port is strategically located for import and export of ocean bound cargo. Special zones like the Jebel Ali Free Business Zone allow immense tax benefits. In fact, companies are not even held liable to pay income tax or customs duty in trading from the Business Zone.

 Doing business in Dubai

Work with a consultancy

The authorities have also arranged a convenient system for anyone wanting to set a center in the gulf. A main reason of allowing this free rein is the recognition of the fact that oil reserves are exhaustible and irretrievable. The economy should continue in the same prosperous note even in a dwindling supply of oil to sell. Many Indian companies increasingly prefer to start from Dubai.

 Trademark Registration in India

Contact your preferred service for trademark registration in India to see if they have offices in the gulf as well. By the rules of Dubai, a company should always work with an authorized consultancy based in Dubai for starting a business. Several auditing firms in Dubai serve this purpose. You need to check the experience of the company. They should be able to arrange everything from human resource to business position in meeting with the highest legal protocols.

 auditing firms in Dubai


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