Steps To Get Your Trademark Registration in Dubai

Monday, 8 June 2015

Starting a business in the United Arab Emirates may seem overwhelming at first, but if you know the steps to get your trademark registration in Dubai, it will be easier for you. You would need to clearly define the type of business you do along with the other details of your business since this would help define the kind of license you need to carry out your business.

trademark registration in Dubai

Determine your business form

When deciding on the legal form of your business, you would need to consider the activities of your business. Each business has its own legal structure. Select your business trade name that would distinguish your business from the others. The trade name must not be a previously registered one. The trade name should be compatible with the legal form of your establishment and also with the type of activity that your organization is into. It should not be similar to the name of any other organization. You should use the services of an agent to register your trademark in Dubai.

Prepare for final approval

Once you have received the trade name certificate, you could begin the procedures toward a final approval certificate. This document will enable you to prepare the paperwork necessary for approaching the authorities relevant to your business as well as to obtain your business license. After you have received your final approval from the authorities, the final step would be to retrieve your business license from the relevant authorities. You can also get your business license through an authorized registered agent.


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