Top Tips for Doing business in UAE

Monday, 24 August 2015

Recently UKTI hosted a Women in business delegation to the Dubai. Here I am sharing some tips for Doing Business in UAE. These were my ten tips:-
1.    In Arab culture you don’t exist until you’re reached there. You may not able set up many meetings before you ground there, so it is wise to keep some time to be time to be supple and open to last minute planning.
2.    The UAE is open and tolerant, but it’s still more traditional in the culture may sometimes seem. Dress professionally, avoid some topics, avoid making judgments based on your own culture, be thoughtful and broadminded towards different attitude – all this will be valued.
3.    Friday and Saturdays are weekends here. Friday is a family day and worship day. Be thoughtful in showing that you appreciate this- try to contact before Thursday midday if you want something before the weekend. Sunday is the beginning of the week, so if possible, check your mail on Sunday only.
4.    It’s essential to find a key so that people don’t lose face; that’s applicable in any traditions but here it’s a must. Often it just means a diverse way of appearing at things and even if everybody knows that someone has messed up, it’s dangerous that everyone can walk out of the subject with their head held up.
5.    For many peoples in UAE, English is not their local language. Keep it simple, use short sentences.
6.    In the UAE, you will see that peoples of the meeting will pick up their call, walk in and out or even check their emails. Don’t be put off thinking that they are being rude. People will pick up the call as it could be urgent for them, they are not rude. It’s all a question of perception.
7.    In most cases, people will revert of your call and messages. So it’s become important to ask for mobile numbers.
8.    Never show your aggression and frustration if you ever think that it's going nowhere you have the feeling of going round in circles. It is suggested to stay friendly and calm. Be professional, but always look for solutions and compromise.
9.    Commencing with your opposite persons – Men here gives respect to women and it’s not an issue to do business with them. Professionalism and aptitude are appreciated and documented.
10.    The UAE is complex environment so be open. It is full of openings. If you are serious regarding your association in the country, offer something characteristic and sole and are polite of your UAE partners then you can do very well.

These are some top 10 tips for Doing Business in UAE. To Get more information for Business set up in Dubai. Browse our website.


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