Hiring the Top and Reliable Auditing Companies in UAE

Monday, 21 March 2016

For various types of companies, keeping the accounts and audit in top shape is a prerequisite. Whether your company deals with FMCG products or sells insurance for automobiles, the audit and taxation cannot be overlooked. It is not just enough to utilize a part of your workforce for fulfilling auditing and accounting needs of your company in UAE. You should opt for the top notch third party companies’ expert in performing audits for their clients. Nowadays, you can find such agencies in Dubai and adjacent regions.
Advantages of getting an audit done properly
If the audit is not done in the proper way, in the long run it can make your company getting into trouble. Properly done audit can ensure future business plans and operations are not hampered. Overall, it ensures your company remains safe legally and otherwise.

Services offered by Audit Firms in UAE
Top notch audit and accounting firms operating in the UAE region offer a number of services to meet client needs. These are:
  •          Taxation- The Accounting Services in UAE can help and guide copy owners to meet taxation requirements while avoiding paying excess amounts or fines.
  •          Personal Tax- Small business owners or those who are running home based ventures can benefit from services of top auditing providers in Dubai. They also guide in personal tax planning.
  •          Estate planning- It is never as simple as you may imagine. When you plan to acquire land for business expansion, estate planning should be done in a proper way.
  •          VAT management- VAT compliance is turning out to be a tedious thing for most businesses nowadays. This is mostly owing to changing government norms. The services of audit firms with the top Chartered Accountant in Dubai can be of great help to corporations seeking VAT management solutions. They can help your company stay in contact with the latest changes in VAT.
Things that you should check
There are a few things that you have to check before hiring the suitable tax consulting and auditing service providers in Dubai.

·         The tenure of the company serving clients in and around Dubai should be analyzed as well. It is always advisable that you pick a company that has an excellent reputation along with a long tenure in tax planning and auditing in the region.

·         It is also necessary to see what type of software is used for the taxation and audit needs by the company. Some companies offer traditional software while a number of contenders have resorted to using more convenient cloud apps. Implementation of the software and ease of using it needs to be analyzed as well.

The professionalism and reliability of the audit entity also need to be checked before you sign up for most packages. If its existing packages suits your needs, it is fine. Or else, you have to see if it is flexible enough to make customizations for the clients. You should check the website for service terms and charges of the audit agency. If necessary, have a clear discussion with them to get answers to all your queries.


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