Guide on How to Do Trademark Registration in Kuwait and Qatar

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Company formation is the most necessary things to do before starting any business. It will help you in prevention of any intellectual theft like your company name or company logo. If you have a business in Kuwait or Qatar then you must have to do trademark registration in Kuwait so that no one can use your company design, name, logo or a phrase.

Most of the people get fail when it comes to trademark registration in Qatar as it require some knowledge of that particular country which is very different from the standard rules, which we have in UK or US. Here, I’m going to share you the procedure on trademark registration in Kuwait.

trademark registration in Qatar

Process of Trademark Registration in Kuwait

First of all, before starting your business you have to choose the company name which is not conflicting with the ongoing business of anyone. After that, you have to create your company logo and punch line, which are going to use as visual world. You can do trademark registration of company name, logo, word, phrase, design, image or a combination of two from any of these.

After the finalization of company name and logo you have to go to trademark registration office and fill up the form and pay the require fees of trademark registration. In case, if for some reason your trademarks get rejected then you can file a case in court within the 30 days of rejection. If all goes well then registrar of the trademark registration office will publish your trademark In three consecutive issues of the official gazette of Kuwait. This is the period for those who has an obligation with your trademark if it is matching with their already trademark registration in Kuwait. If no one raise any complaint against your trademark registration in the give time frame then the relative certificate of registration will be issued.

Remember, a trademark registration in Qatar is valid for 10 years from the date of application filed. In the meanwhile, if you wish to do any change in it then you can do it by submitting an application and paying nominal fees.

trademark registration in Kuwait


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