How to Secure Your Company Name by Trademark Registration in Oman

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Are you going to start your business in Oman? Do you have enough knowledge on company formation and trademark registration in Oman? Starting a business in GCC countries is easier but on the same line, it is advisable to do trademark registration in GCC countries, as it will help you out from many obstacles, which you may get in future. There are international classifications of goods and services available and those classifications are following in Oman and GCC countries with the exception of alcoholic food.

How to Do Trademark Registration in Oman

Once you are through with the finalization of company name and company logo you have to proceed with the process of trademark registration in GCC countries, which are as below.

trademark registration in GCC countries

• You have to fill the application form of trademark registration in Oman by visiting Oman trademark register office.

• Registrar will check your application whether you have filled it correctly or not. Be more cautious while filling this form and mention correct information about your services or products.

• If the form seems perfect then registrar will accept your application and then publish it in the official Gazette of GCC countries and once in a local daily newspaper.

• By publishing this, registrar is giving an invitation to them who have obligations against your trademark if it is conflicting in any way with their current business.

• Whoever has obligation with this trademark then they have to report it within the Two months of timeframe after the publication.

• Once this timeframe get over registrar will issues a certificate of trademark registration in Kuwait.

Trademark registration in GCC countries is not compulsory but however it is advisable to do trademark registration so that no one can use your company logo or name or any other your intellectual property. Once you register your trademark in Kuwait or in GCC countries then it will remain valid for 10 years from the date of application filed. After this tenure, you have to renew your trademark by filling separate application form and paying necessary fees.

trademark registration in Kuwait


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