An Overview of Trademark Registration Process in India

Sunday, 11 October 2015

In all possibilities, you must have gulped down at least a dozen cups of coffee to zero in on your brand name! When you do come up with a name, that according to you describe your brand in the most eye-catchy manner, the next step is to protect its integrity through trademark registration.

In India, trademark registration can be done for anything, ranging from letters, numbers, phrases and logos, to graphics, sound mark, a smell or a color combination.
Here we walk you through the procedure of trademark registrationin India:

·       Find a whacky brand name: Your brand name must be quirky, befitting and original, as all generic names are already taken. The best bet is to use a combination of coins words with generic ones.

·      Fill up the trademark application: After finalizing the name, fill up a trademark application form and keep on hand, documents like identity, proof of company, address proof, brand logo image and evidence of claim.

·          Fill the registration application of brand name: You can file the brand registration either manually or through e-commerce forums available on the internet. E-filing is immediate, but manual filing requires 20 days for an acknowledgement.

·     Publication: After scrutiny by the board members, your brand name or logo gets published in the Indian Trademark Journal.

·       Issuance of certificate: If no opposition is raised in the first 90 days post-publication, your trademark application is accepted by the Registrar, who then issues the certificate of registration.

Whether you are in India or UAE, registration requires expert guidance. Registered trademark agents in UAE and India assist you during the /rigors of this procedure and assure quick completion.


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