Trademark Registration process in India

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Are you starting a New business in India? A logo, name or signature is the first thing you choose to separate yourself from the rest. I hope you know about Trademark, A "trademark" is that symbol you will use to do so. It’s a legal process by Government, under the Trade Marks Act, 1999.

Documents Required

A soft copy of the logo in JPEG format.
TM 48 (form of authorization).
Date of first use of the mark.
Name and address of the proprietor of the mark.
Fee Required.

Types Of Trademarks Available
- Names, including your own name or surname.
- An invented word or any arbitrary dictionary word or words. It does not need to be descriptive of the character or quality of the goods/service.
- Letters or numerals or any combination.
- Symbols
- Monograms
- Combination of colors or even a single color in combination with a word or device.
- Shape of goods or their packaging.
- Marks constituting a 3-dimensional sign.
- Sound marks when represented in conventional notation or described in words by being graphically represented.

What does the register of Trademark contain?
Currently maintained in electronic form, the trademark contains the following:
- The class and goods/services in respect of which it is registered including particulars affecting the scope of registration of rights conferred or disclaimers.
- Address of the proprietors.
- Particulars of trade or other description of the proprietor.
- The convention application date (if applicable).
- Place where a trademark has been registered with the consent of the proprietor of an earlier mark or earlier rights.

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